Today there is a skills gap in Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo (MAK). Experience shows that even though a student has completed his/hers ICT-study in a university in a MAK-country, it is very difficult to get a job in an ICT-company. Normally for a company it takes around one year to get a student or young graduate ready for the working processes taking places in projects.

We will use AEP to make a very important change in this system. 

By attending Gjøvik University College, the students will be trained by specialists in Norway. The highly motivated students will, as a part of their education and stay in Norway, also have the possibility to work in Norwegian ICT-companies.

The students will, upon completion of this program, be able to directly apply their wealth of knowledge and experience into their home country companies. The student’s knowledge should also be used in Universities in MAK countries, and in courses held in Innovation Centre Kosovo. In addition the students also bring in an important network and contacts from Norway and from other students attending AEP from the MAK countries. Companies furthermore save a lot of future time in gaining actual knowledge without having to pay for trainings, travels abroad to gain this knowledge, time to look for actual knowledge in certain areas and more.

read about the students participating in the programme here.

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