Publications Edlira N. Martiri

Edlira Martiri – Publication list (2013 – ongoing)
Gjøvik University College / NTNU Gjøvik


1. Martiri, Edlira; Gomez-Barrero, Marta; Yang, Bian; Busch, Christoph.
Biometric Template Protection Based on Bloom Filters and Honey Templates. IET Biometrics 2016 s. 19-26. NTNU


2. Martiri, Edlira Nepravishta.
Privacy Preserving Biometrics and Duplicate Enrolment Check. : FIDELITY 2015 7 s. NTNU

3. Martiri, Edlira Nepravishta; Yang, Bian; Busch, Christoph.
Protected Honey Face Templates. I: BIOSIG 2015: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group. Gesellschaft für Informatik 2015 ISBN 978-3-88579-639-8. s. - NTNU

4. Yang, Bian; Martiri, Edlira Nepravishta.
Using Honey Templates to Augment Hash Based Biometric Template Protection. I: 2015 IEEE 39th Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference Workshops, COMPSACW 2015; Taichung, Taiwan, 1-5 July 2015. IEEE conference proceedings 2015 ISBN 978-1-4673-6563-5. s. 312-316 NTNU


5. Edlira MARTIRI, Enkeleda IBRAHIMI, "Biometrics vulnerabilities: how hackers are using them",Conference "Recent Trends and Applications in Computer Science and Information Technology",  Faculty of Natural Sciences,  University of Tirana, Albania, accepted work, December 2014.

6. Felix BRETENECKER, Kozeta SEVRANI, Andreas KOERNER, Edlira MARTIRI, Stephanie WAIS, Albana GORISHTI, "Mathematical modelling and simmulation in Business Informatics", International Conference "Computer Science, Information System and Telecommunication" ICCSIST2014, UBT, Kosovo, ongoing work, November 2014.

7. Edlira MARTIRI, Enkeleda IBRAHIMI, Çeljeta SHEHU, Diola SULA, "Securing BYOD: Having the Control of Security When You Don't Own the Device", International Conference "Information Systems and Technology Innovation: projecting trends to a New Economy", University of Tirana,  June, 2014.

8. Romina MUKA, Edlira MARTIRI, "Trends of Mobile Applications in the New Economy", International Conference "Information Systems and Technology Innovation: projecting trends to a New Economy", University of Tirana,  June,2014.

9. Edlira KALEMI, Albana GORISHTI, Gloria TYXHARI, Edlira MARTIRI, "LAMP versus closed code - A Survey on their Pros and Contras in Website Development in Albania", International Conference "Information Systems and Technology Innovation: towards a digital Economy", Departamenti "Matematike, Statistike, Informatike e Zbatuar",


10. Edlira MARTIRI, Edlira KALEMI, Gloria TUXHARI, "A Formal Object Definition in Categorical Shaping", Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences, ISSN 2281-3993, E-ISSN 2281-461, Italy, July 2013

11. Edlira MARTIRI, Kozeta SEVRANI, " A feature fusion scheme for multi-biometric data", International Conference on International Stability, Technology and Culture - SWISS 2013,, organized IFAC and UBT, Pristine, Kosovo, June, 2013

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