Cooperation between Norway and Balkan continues

Anneli Torsbakken Østlien from NTNU Gjøvik informs about that the cooperation between Norway and Balkan continues further

The cooperation with partners in Albania and Kosovo continues after completion of the AEP program. Three Erasmus+ Global mobility projects have been granted, one with Univeristy of Prishtina and two with University of Tirana. Since Macedonia is now a full member of Erasmus+ program, there is signed an exchange agreement for mobility between NTNU and SEEU. 

Following activities between NTNU Gjøvik and universities in Kosovo and Albania have been implemented the last years:

University of Prishtina

Student exchange:

  • 3 students, spring 2017
  • 5 students, autumn 2016
  • 5 students, spring 2016
  • 2 quota students 2015-2017
  • 1 quota student 2014-2016


  • 7 exchanges to NTNU Gjøvik through the mobility program, spring 2017
  • 4 exchanges to Univ. Of Prishtina through the mobility program, spring 2017

University of Business and Techonolgy (UBT)


  • 4 students in autumn 2016 (incl one free-mover)
  • 1 student (free-mover) graduate student 2015-2017

University of Tirana


  • 6 students in spring and autumn 2016
  • 2 PhD-students autumn 2016 and spring 2017


  • 5 exchanges to NTNU Gjøvik through the mobility program, spring 2016
  • 1 exchange to Univ. Of Tirana, spring 2016 

South East European University

  • 2 quota students 2015-2017


University of Tirana established a new master program

After a great cooperation in the AEP program, University of Tirana and NTNU Gjøvik have continued a successful collaboration through Erasmus+ and teaching exchange. 

In 2015 Univ. of Tirana with Prof. Dr. Kozeta SEVRANI in collaboration with NTNU Gjøvik established a new master program: The Master of Science in Information Security program. 29 students (20 Females and 9 Males) were registered in the first academic year, 2015-2016, while in 2016-2017 academic year 26 students (23 Females and 3 Males) are studying. Later this year the first generation is expected to graduate from this program.

Thanks to this cooperation univ. of Tirana have sent to NTNU Gjøvik 6 exchange Bachelor/master students for one academic year, 5 academic staff, and 2 PhD students (1 for one semester, and 1 for one year). On august 2017 there will be sent 4 other bachelor/master students for one academic year, 1 PhD student, and 2 academic and administrative staff. 

While Prof. As. Sule Yildirim Yayilgan and Prof. Dr. Stewart Kowalski have taught 2 full courses in Master of Science in Information Security program in Tirana. The director of NTNU Gjøvik has also visited univ. of Tirana.

Lately the uni. Of Tirana has applied for EU funds with NTNU Gjøvik as the main partner. In February 2017 they have submitted a project for building the curricula in Information Security: “Development and Implementation of Information Security curriculum in Western Balkan region – DISEC”. Tirana is looking forward for the evaluation during August/September 2017, and hopefully they will be engaged in another cooperation with NTNU and other partners.

University of Tirana, AITA and UBT visit in Norway

Representatives from University of Tirana, AITA (IT association in Albania) and from UBT in Prishtina are planning a visit to Gjøvik university College as a part of the establishment of new studies in information security in the universities in Albania and Kosovo. 


IKT Innlandet visits UBT and University in Prishtina

Jan Erik Østvang, representing IKT Innlandet, and in charge of planning the internships in Norway, attended a studytrip to Prishtina, Kosovo earlier this year. He had lectures for students at UBT and at University in Prishtina. In addition to this Mr Østvang had meetings with the management of the universities and STIKK regarding Curriculum development. 

Research visit

Read more: Research visitResearch visit from SEEU in Macedonia to Gjøvik.

During the visit Mrs Marika A. Trpkovska and Mr Adrian Besimi held their presentations about research and fields of interest in that regard.







AEP seminar, 27th March in Tirana

Tirana International Hotel & Conference Centre, 
Scanderbeg Square, 8, Tirana, Albania.




Registration and coffee



Norwegian support in the region
Ambassador Jan Braathu, Norway's Ambassador to Kosovo and Albania



Albanian Ministry of Education and Sport
Minister Lindita Nikolla, Minister of Education and Sports, Albania 



Welcome to Tirana
Rector Dhori Kule - Rector of University of Tirana and 
member of the Board at the Balkan Universities Network, Albania



About the Higher Education, Research and Development (HERD) - program funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Hege Eiklid, HERD ICT/Board, Norway



Academic Exchange for Progress (AEP) – an introduction
Gry Helene Stavseng, Athene Project Management, Norway



Panel session: How to bridge the skills gap, and improve cooperation between companies and universities? Experiences, opportunities and challenges related to cooperation between companies and universities.

Moderator: Vjollca Cavolli, STIKK

-       SEEU, Macedonia – Adrian Besimi   

-       UBT, Kosovo – Edmond Hajrizi

-       AITA, Albania – Dritan Mezini

-       Companies from Norway, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo

-       Crimson, Macedonia – Darko Arsov is informing
  about the AEP Action Plan

-       Discussion



Lunch and networking  



Panel session: My experiences as an AEP student at Gjøvik.
My experiences from a semester at Gjøvik in Norway,
and what results have I achieved.
Moderator: Gry Helene Stavseng, Athene Project Management

-       Esat Pllana, Kosovo

-       Arlinda Rushiti, Macedonia

-       Suela Isaj, Albania 



PhD program / Research
Moderator: Sule Yildirim Yayilgan, Gjøvik University College 

Zenun Kastrati, Automatic Text Documents Classification using
Machine Learning and Ontology
The research aims to improve text classification in terms of efficiency and effectiveness by taking into account the semantic aspects of text documents described through ontology entities.

Edlira Martiri, “Template Protection for Multi-Biometrics” 
The main motivation in this project is how to better represent the different biometric templates and to generate fusion schemes whose product is a compact and reliable template and which are the benefits and drawbacks of applying template protection before and after fusion, how does feature fusion influence the overall performance of the system, and how to build new algorithms and optimize them will be the main driving questions in this project. 

Kushtrim Dragusha, “Technology to Target Organs that Move 
How to identify/target human organ selected to work with (like kidney)

  • Using Ordinary Ultrasound sensor to target organ

How to follow to (reach) the target using organ motion monitoring and analyses and planning for movement and surgery path.

  • Endoscopic Camera and Endoscopic Ultrasound for real time system Monitoring organ and its movements and Analyses for surgery purposes.

On behalf of two first steps, create surgery path planning and robot motion compensation.

Dr. Ing. Lule Ahmedi, Associate Professor, University of Prishtina
"Recommending attractions to tourists in the era of social computers".



Panel session: How can companies benefit from research
Moderator: Sule Yildirim Yayilgan, Gjøvik University College

-       Edmond Hajrizi, UBT

-       Kozeta Sevrani, University of Tirana

-       Lule Ahmedi, University of Prishtina

-       Adrian Besimi, SEEU

-       Companies from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo




Concluding remarks


Please kindly confirm your participation at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline;">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., until March 26, 10:00.


Promoting AEP

Check out this presentation video for AEP.



Gathering at GUC for the AEP consortium

Read more: Gathering at GUC for the AEP consortiumOn 7th -11th October 2012 all 11 representatives in the AEP consortium consisting of universities and IT-industry in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Norway and project management, gathered at Gjøvik University College (GUC) to meet faculty and industry.

The aim for the studytrip was to investigate cooperation opportunities and to find the best strategy for further work.

50 students from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo (MAK) will, during a 3-year period, conduct a semester each at GUC. The consortium had meeting with the first 10 satisfied AEP-students who are attending GUC this semester. In addition four people will conduct their PhD-education at Gjøvik, as a part of the AEP-programme. Two of them have already started.

The visitors received information regarding GUC and the different courses GUC can offer for AEP-students. The Universities from MAK-countries informed the group about all their courses and curriculums. This week the consortium started looking into cooperation possibilities regarding further developing curriculas.

AEP participants had also meetings with different Norwegian companies, to look into internship opportunities in Norway, and cooperation opportunities between companies in Norway and MAK-countries.

Students are going to be placed in local IT-industry in both Norway as well as MAK countries, through cooperation between universities, the Norwegian IKT Innlandet and the IT-industry in the MAK countries. Today there is a lack of dialogue between the universities and the IT-business. This is what the AEP project aims to improve.
The key feature in AEP is that the participating universities are to develop their own studies according to the industry's needs, and the Norwegian experiences.

To see more pictures from the gathering, go to galleries.

Studytrip to Gjøvik

Read more: Studytrip to Gjøvik7 - 11 October we arrange a studytrip for participants from all partner instiutions. The participants from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo arrive at Gjøvik Monday 8th. Here they will spend exciting 3 days at Gjøvik University College before they return to the Balkans.




Study trip to Norway from Balkan autumn 2012

Read more: Study trip to Norway from Balkan autumn 2012We will arrange a study trip to Norway during autumn 2012. All partners and universities are already informed about the trip.

More information will follow.





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