Gjøvik University College(now NTNU)

Norwegian industrial and academic/research know-how & technology transfer will apply ICT-knowledge concerning development and security in different focus fields, based on needs in Balkan and knowledge in Gjøvik University College (GUC)*.

Through cooperation with GUC, students acquire increased knowledge and the staff is further advanced to introduce new teaching subjects in deficit areas, and enrich/review the existing curricula and look at the opportunity for introducing new study programs in universities in their countries.

Students from partner institutions in AEP who want to take a part of their studies (1 semester) at Gjøvik UC should apply through their home institution and in accordance with the established local procedures. Gjøvik University College offers different courses taught in English. See “fields of study” for a complete list.


Gjøvik University College*, Norway

Gjøvik University College offers studies within the subject areas health and social work, technology, economics and business administration, information technology and media together with a wide range of further training/studies. Several of these studies are unique and are only offered at GUC. There are about 2700 students at GUC. You will find lecture room, library, computer rooms, reading room, cantina, book store and more at campus; it contains everything you need as a student. Gjøvik University College is a Norwegian university college with an international perspective. 25 countries were represented among the staff the autumn 2010. GUC was established as a result of the reorganisation of Norwegian higher education in 1994. 

* From 1 January 2016 Gjøvik University College (GUC) merged with NTNU 

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