Experience and knowledge to be communicated from Gjøvik of Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo!
GUC is chosen as partner for Academic Exchange of Progress (AEP), a focus on ICT in the Balkans initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and administered by the College of Buskerud.

The HERD program is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (MFA) initiative for Higher Education, Research and Development (HERD) in the Western Balkans. The purpose of the program is to build capacity in higher education institutions in the Western Balkans, stimulate innovation and product development, and support research on the development challenges in the region. HERD consists of five sector programs in the following four areas: Marine, agriculture, energy and ICT, as well as a program for development studies. HERD / ICT is managed by Buskerud University College.

You can also read about the HERD-programme at MFAs homepage.

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