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Academic exchange for progress (AEP)

Academic Exchange for Progress (AEP) facilitates academic exchange and capacity building within the host country, and in the cooperation between partner institutions in Norway, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo (MAK-countries/MAK).

The Academic Exchange for Progress project will strive towards making the ICT industry in MAK more secure, competitive and a sustainable creator of jobs. Furthermore, the project will enable other sectors that are either directly or indirectly dependent on the ICT sector to increase their efficiency and as such improve their competitiveness, sales, export and job creation abilities.

The project will also provide a stable platform to strengthen the regional cooperation among Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo (MAK) in both private sector and academic fields. This direct cooperation will lead to a more profound exchange of best practices and enable a joint work in improving the position and perception of the MAK ICT Industry.

AEP will provide a strong basis for further developing curriculas in ICT in partner institutions of the MAK region in accordance with the current trends in teaching and research in Europe and wider in the world. AEP will further become the champion of R&D activities in the ICT sector, providing a strong basis for the sustainable development of the sector. Through AEP we are bridging academia and industry in the Balkans.

Experience and knowledge to be communicated from Gjøvik of Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo!
GUC is chosen as partner for Academic Exchange of Progress (AEP), a focus on ICT in the Balkans initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and administered by the College of Buskerud.

Project consortium
Project consortium consists of


  • Enhancements in teaching curriculum to meet expectations in future ICT priorities
  • Improving students’ and professors’ skills and practical industrial experience to meet expectations of short “time to market” cycle (for R&D activities within priorities according the country’s readiness)
  • To provide actual know-how transfer from Norway to MAK within the identified priority fields
  • To foster business cooperation among Norwegian and MAK industrial partners
  • Contribution to capacity building of R&D facilities in MAK
  • Lifelong learning improvements in ICT field

Academic Exchange for Progress was a three year project and finished on 31.12.2016
The project is funded through the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ HERD - programme. (Programme for Higher Education, Research and Development.)

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs, MFA, has entered an agreement with four institutions in Norway for the administration of HERD. The overall aim of the HERD-programme is to contribute to economic growth and social development through increased co-operation in higher education and research and development in the Western Balkans.

Read about the HERD-programme here.

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